January 5, 2015

Stuart Scott, An Appreciation

Like a lot of media watchers, sports fans, and University of North Carolina alums, I have actively appreciated the career of Stuart Scott and watched with empathy as his struggle with cancer ate into his impressive career at ESPN. Like a lot of parents, I identified with his devotion and focus on his daughters. And finally, as a person who's life has been touched by cancer (however indirectly), I noted his incredible strength and perseverance in the face of his illness since it became public knowledge. 

Stuart's passing cuts pretty close to home. We share the same birth year, both worked for UNC's student radio WXYC (Stuart on the weekly sports show, Sports Rap; me as a music DJ and member of station management), and ultimately, both found ourselves miles away from Chapel Hill at some level of achievement in the media industry...albeit in very different corners. We never never connected, but as one will, I always took a moment to identify our tenuous links in my mind when Stuart came into focus.

Among the many other things I studied as an undergraduate was Folklore. I had, and still have, a strong interest in popular culture, which led me to seek the antecedents of hip-hop in this small pocket of the Anthropology department. In that study, I encountered a lot of things that my - admittedly - very different cultural background had not exposed me to previously.  One of the most fascinating was the tradition of "signifyin'" - the use of verbal play and cleverness with language as a way to bring attention to a topic and ascribe a certain amount of power and prestige for the speaker at the same time. This idea comes from strong roots in West African culture and resonates here in a wide range of examples like the old children's game called The Dozens to any number of fast-talking comedians and actors over the years, and through hip-hop to Stuart's revolutionary approach to sportscasting.

I'm no longer in the cultural studies business - and perhaps am now a good bit closer to the means of creation and distribution of content - but, I still take an informed joy in the way Stuart used a turn of phrase in his unique and brilliant way to make the sporting moment MORE than it was on face value. He described it, amplified it, and reintroduced it into the world in a powerful way. The "voice" he used to do that with has transformed modern media in ways that feel both culturally inevitable and uniquely authored at the same time. So, in recognition of that achievement, let me say "Bravo" to this achievement - or as Stuart himself might have said, "Boo-Ya!".

From me personally, and from all of us at Clear-Com, thank you Stuart for your incredible career - right through to the end of last year's ESPY's. We send our heart-felt condolences to his family and friends. He burned brightly.....

~ Bob Boster, President, Clear-Com

Photo Source: niketalk.com

December 22, 2014

The Emergence of Production Communications (Pt 1)

Larry Estrin, the Director of the Clear-Com Global Rental Group, shares his perspective on what led to the development of the intercom that we have today. Listen to this podcast which discusses how telephone companies use to provide communication for broadcasters, how intercoms were initially used for construction, and more. 

Stay tuned for the next podcast in this series!

November 24, 2014

Wireless Device Management and Frequency Coordination in Sports Venues

SVG Venue Initiative has created a white paper called "Recommendations for Sports Venues: Wireless Device Management and Frequency Coordination", with contributions from industry experts and Clear-Com Applications Engineer, Rom Rosenblum. 

The white paper provides peer-reviewed best-practice guidelines for venue operators and other interested parties in the day-to-day operational deployment and management of all wireless Radio Frequency (RF) technologies commonly used in sports/entertainment venues.

Make sure you read all about this!: Recommendations for Sports Venues: Wireless Device Management and Frequency Coordination

November 18, 2014

Application Diagram: Mobile Incident Command with Wireless

The following diagram provides a sample of a common application using Clear-Com products. To access the PDF download or to find out what Clear-Com products are shown in the diagram, click here.

Mobile Incident Command with Wireless:

November 13, 2014

Application Diagram: Responder Cross-patches Matrix

The following diagram provides a sample of a common application using Clear-Com products. To access the PDF download or to find out what Clear-Com products are shown in the diagram, click here

Responder Cross-patches Matrix:

November 11, 2014

Behind the Lens, with Pete D'Alonzo

Pete D'Alonzo
Source: www.petedalonzo.com
Emmy Award-winning Pete D'Alonzo, a 30-year veteran of TV Sports Cameraman work, brings his unique perspective and lively style to his Internet radio show, Behind the Lens, with Pete D'Alonzo. His show focuses on personal anecdotes and musings of a long and storied career in the last bastion of unscripted live TV. Guests include noted TV and sports icons, as well as callers that share their own questions, comments and stories. Behind the Lens, with Pete D'Alonzo is a must for anyone interested in sports, sports TV, or just plain fun. 

Tune into the show live on Tuesdays at 11:00am Pacific Standard Time. Pete always welcomes his listeners to call during the live shows the share their stories at 1-888-346-9144. 

Listen Live or catch up on archived shows by clicking the link below: 

Pete - Behind the Lens
Source: www.petedalonzo.com